Sunday, November 27, 2011

Winter Wreaths

Greetings from Gloucester, Virginia!  Yesterday, I went to a Christmas tree farm for the first time.  It was pretty fun to help pick out a tree, but I have to say that it seemed pretty traumatic for the little tree, especially  the tree-shaking and hole-drilling  processes.  My favorite part was collecting the discarded branches, which we took home to make into wreaths.

 This teardrop wreath was Momma's favorite and the one she chose to hang on the front of the house. 

 We didn't have any wreath forms or wire, so we made the base for the wreaths with long flexible branches from the cherry tree (pictured below) in the yard.  We then placed white pine branches around the base and wrapped them tight with some string.  This definitely needed two sets of hands.  Once that first layer is secure, it's easy to just tuck in the sprigs of anything else you can find!

 We also had some cypress and "blue ice" from the tree farm and found these dark blue berries in the yard.  No one is quite sure what they are.

The pine cones add a focal point.  There's also a couple of tiny acorns that you can't see in the picture. 

The backyard also had some beautiful holly and cedar sprigs to offer.

This was our first time making fresh wreaths, so we're not sure how long they'll last, but Sarah the floral expert says to dump water on them to keep them from drying out.  Before we leave, I think I'll arrange some of the leftover sprigs in Mason jars.  It was so nice to be crafty outdoors.  We even met a beautiful dappled gray horse, named "Gee", and got to feed him carrots.  He was a retired racing horse; maybe we should have given him one of our wreaths!